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Text Message API

Text Message marketing harnesses the power of the modern digital communication platform. With smartphones having become a part and parcel of our lives, SMS marketing has become ubiquitous. More and more marketers are looking at SMS marketing as the primary component of the marketing mix. It helps that SMS has the highest open rate and the highest return on investment among all traditional and non-traditional marketing forms. High traditional marketing methods are still going strong, SMS is fast becoming the medium of choice for marketers. When it comes to sending bulk SMS to a large audience, standard HTTP to SMS protocol is not reliable. REST API is the better option. REST API handles bulk SMS requests much better. The key to all these is easy integration. Regardless, of the protocol that you use, the text message API that your provider offers has got to be easy to integrate. This is why at textmessage.ae we offer a comprehensive text message API for your developers to integrate with your website. In most situations you should be able to integrate this quite easily. It does not need too much of coding experience. Even then if you find this too technical to handle don’t fret. We have a technical team standing by who can help you out. At textmessage.ae we take pride in our customer support and the quality of our technology. We have a robust platform that is customizable and scalable. This ensures that we have a high success rate for all campaigns that run on our platform. But above everything else we believe in a great customer experience and that is why our technical team is specially trained to handle even the most critical issues with the least possible lag time.For any issues just contact your assigned account manager and your problems will be addressed in no time.

API for send simple Text Message:-


API for send Unicode Message:-

http://www.dubaimirchi.com/API/SendSMS.aspx ?UserName=username&Password=****&MobileNumber=971508004953&Text =Message&unicode=1&flash=0&SenderId=SMSALERT

API for send Flash Message:-

http://www.dubaimirchi.com/API/SendSMS.aspx ?UserName=username&Password=****&MobileNumber= 971508004953&Text=Message&unicode=0&flash=1&SenderId=SMSALERT

API for send Unicode and Flash Message:-

http://www.dubaimirchi.com/API/SendSMS.aspx?UserName= username&Password=****&MobileNumber=971508004953&Text =Message&unicode=1&flash=1&SenderId=SMSALERT

API for check Balance:-

http://www.dubaimirchi.com/API/Balance.aspx? UserName=username&Password=****

API for check delivery Status:-

http://www.dubaimirchi.com/API/DLR.aspx?UserName =username&Password=****&MessageId=MessageId

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : PHP Example, please visit the following link:


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